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INVISATANTM  was formulated by one of the worlds leading tanning companies. They poured their years of expertise combined with the leading cosmetic manufactures in North America to formulate this game-changing formula. Our formula is made in compliance with Proposition 65 and only consists of the highest quality, natural ingredients. 

INVISATANTM  was created by sunless tanning artists, for sunless tanning artists. The express formula allows the client to shower anywhere from 2-4HRS, and leave on for up to 24HRS. Make no mistakes we thought of everything. INVISATANTM  will allow your client to get a spray tan and slip right into a white tee or even in a pinch-their wedding dress! INVISATANTM  will not transfer, has no overspray mess, and is water-resistant after 4hrs. Have you ever tried on an outfit last minute and noticed a tan was the accessory you were missing? No problem with INVISATANTM - tan in the morning and be glowing by dinner- no shower required. We wanted to ensure that your clients get the best results possible; our solution  was designed to glow under the blacklight and highlight and missed or over-sprayed areas. This solution is for professional use only. The salons are loving it so much we are currently working on our exclusive retail line-Stay Tuned!

Make no mistakesTM  beauties, messy tans are a thing of the past!

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