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Whats the deal?

Will INVISATANTM transfer onto my clothing?

NO! There are no cosmetic bronzers in the product.


Are the active ingredients natural?

YES! Our patent-pending spray tan formula is made with all-natural high-quality ingredients.



Do I need to purchase black light?

In order to viably see the tan immediately after spray and check over for any mistakes or missing

areas you would need a black light.



Can I wear white right after?




How long do I have to wait before showering?

This sunless tanning formula is express, you can shower in as little as 2hrs-24hrs, just let the tech know what shade you would like and they will give you instructions



Can I buy this product for personal use?

No- INVISATANTM is sold by the liter for professional use only. This formula is designed for HVLP spray tanning machines.



How do I make an Exchange/Return?

We don't do any returns unless the product is defective.



How long does shipping usually take?

With the world in the way, it is- expect some delays. We get your product out the door within 48HRS. Canada is usually with 5-7 days and USA orders may take up to 2 weeks. Plan ahead!



Can I become a distributor?

YES! We are looking for sunless sisters just like you to join our team! Please let us know a bit about yourself when filling out the contact form.



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